Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A New Beginning

About 5 weeks ago we started looking for our first house. About 3 weeks ago we put our first offer on a home we loved. And about 2 weeks ago our offer was accepted on said home! I cannot believe how fast it went but here we are, less than 2 weeks away from moving day and we can hardly wait. The home is older, a beautiful craftsman built in 1924.

As if planning our wedding wasn’t expensive enough, we decide to take one more step (a much more expensive step) and could not be happier. I have never seen my fiancĂ© act this way; almost giddy with excitement that one! And somehow we were able to continue our wedding planning during this time (we may have finally found our photographer).

I have put my scrapbooking and cardmaking on hold since getting burnt out during Christmas and was just about to get started again, but it will have to wait a bit longer until we get settled. But I’m super excited that I will have my very own scrapbook nook in our upstairs attic area. I can’t wait!


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