Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scrapbook Space

I'm realizing that though I have a perfectly adequate scrapbook space (our upstairs attic), I am not using it to its full potential. When we were looking to buy a house there were quite a few things that put this one at the top of our list; the upstairs attic space was high on that list. The current owners were using it as a 3rd bedroom, but I had dreams of turning it into our creative little nook.

We've put a lot of work into it so far with painting and adding shelving. But it still needs those little extra touches to help me be more organized when I'm scrapping.
After my wonderful hubby built the beautiful shelving, we still put all the ugly boxes of stuff back into it without really organizing it. Since we moved in my parents loaded us with boxes of ours that were stacking up in their houses. SO you can imagine the kinds of things that are in there. I had thoughts of it becoming a beautiful space with colorful baskets of embellishments and paper and also some decorative vases, stacks of books, art, etc. We have lived with the ugly boxes for far too long and this weekend I got in way over my head and started pulling out boxes and throwing away anything and everything we don't need or use anymore. Heck it’s only the two of us right now so I better do it before we start adding even more stuff! I SO envy those that can throw away things before they begin to add up. (Did my husband reeeally call me a hoarder yesterday?! Yes, I think he did – not very nice since half the stuff was his.)

Anyway, though I am so glad to be getting this done I am a little disappointed because this was supposed to be my weekend to scrap and scrap and scrap and begin my new design venture (more on that later *wink*). So instead I am getting organized, and best of all Mr. Husband shared with me yesterday that he wanted to share the space with me and put a drafting table upstairs! I just love that he said that. I had no idea he wanted to share my crafty space and now I have these cute thoughts of us working together upstairs, me on my scrapbooking and him on whatever architect stuff he has going on…and yes I realize that probably won’t happen but hey, I can hope can’t I?

I’ll leave you with some inspiration I found on Pinterest.

I just love how bright and colorful this room is!  So chic.  The green reminds me of my space.  Can't wait to post some pics!



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