Monday, January 2, 2012

Oui, Paris

There has been one thing and one thing only on my mind. Something the hubs and I have been contemplating for quite some time.  Do we do it or do we not?  Sometimes it's hard for me to make decisions instead of just doing.

We are planners {well, I am}.  We are not spontaneous {but we're not boring}.  We do not make quick rash decisions {hmmm, guess that's not true}.  We save our money and try to be thrifty spenders {ha, not anymore!}.

We have decided {probably isn't a secret anymore}...

That for our 1 year anniversary...

We're going to Paris!!!

Hotel de la Sorbonne {notre hôtel}

Get this.  They call their rooms "Design Rooms".  How perfect!

I want to go anywhere and everywhere.  I have never been but my husband has.  I know, not fair right?  So I fully expect him to be my tour guide.  However I have some requests.

I want to visit the tour d'Eiffel {well duh!}, our hotel is by the Notre Dame and I hear there is a wonderful crepes shop right by it.  I want to window shop with the possibility to buy {this is were my thrifty spending will probably go down the drain}.  I want to take le metro to Versailles.  I want to peruse the museums, sit in a cafe and sip vin chaude and espresso while people watching.

It's going to be cold, but that just means more snuggling and bundling up in chic French coats!


The French are so interesting, I am sure of this.  Can't wait!

Wait, is this what les femmes françaises wear?  :)


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming in 2012

Picture taken after everyone left, at 2am.
Please excuse the sleepy eyes.

2011 was a big year for us.  You know, with getting married and all.  That means 2012 brings our 1 year anniversary as well as our trip to Paris!!  Not only am I anxious to start a new year; along with it I have some resolutions.  Just like everybody else I hope to overcome a few things, start a few things, get better at a few things, etc. etc. etc.  So here we go.

1}  Evolve my Etsy shop, Reminiscence, into a shop with a wider selection of paper goods and home decor.  {There's a part duex to this but that I'm going to keep to myself for now.  It's sort of - that's a lie - a huge leap and possibly will never happen but I am working on the dream!}  I also want to focus more on my blog and aspire to become one of those awesome bloggers out there like this one {love her}.  I need to work on my awesome photography skills so it can look more like this instead of the one above.  I mean, I love that photo of my hubby and I.  My editing skills just stink.

Ok that was a long one.  Let's move on.

2}  Organize our home so we quit gathering paper clutter from mail, magazines, and must-have documents.  I need a drop zone like this one.

3}  Start a class whether it be ballet, Pilates, belly dancing, something of the like.  I need to get my back and abs in better shape!

Feeling good about these.  All attainable and non of them involve dragging myself to a gym, doing something I hate {heavy workouts and sticking to a diet}.  Because THAT just would not work for me.

Happy New Years to you and yours.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunt

Hunting for the perfect Christmas tree.  That was our mission.  Such a gorgeous, crisp day!

Here I try to take a nice memorable picture on our way to cutting down our tree and my husband (charming, riiight?) goes and puts on this goofy face.  He's not normally like this.  I'm lying, he is.  Hey I can't complain.  He did make it memorable didn't he?

Couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the frost.

Found it!  This is the lovely we picked out.  We took it home, drank some peppermint patties and hot toddy's and finished decorating the house.  I love Christmas!!



Friday, December 9, 2011

A Very She and Him Christmas

Not only do the hubs and I love her new show, "New Girl", Zooey Deschanel also has a wonderfully retro voice. Her Christmas album with M. Ward, "A Very She and Him Christmas" is definitely going on my wish list this year! Here she is on Ellen:

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Rock the Holidays

Ok well, maybe not exactly.  But for me this is huge.  Since reopening ShopReminiscence a few weeks ago I have gotten almost a sale a day {sometimes more} and have worked on a few custom orders for gift tags.  I just hope that after the holidays people will need my gift tags and cards just as much.  *Sigh*  I need to start working on some birthday and baby shower designs.  I'm also working on my journals, as promised.  Wish I was one of those people that can just DO and not be afraid to mess up.  But nooooo, I have to plan plan plan.  Maybe I can change.  Maybe.  I'm trying.

Put up the holiday decorations yesterday with the hubs.  All that's left is finishing the lights outside and getting the Christmas tree {that's next weekend}.

No that's not my house.  Did I fool ya?  Even for a second?  No?  Ok.  I love Pinterest.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Ruche, my new fav

Have you seen Ruche's Holiday Gift Guide?? Divine.  

They are also having a Black Friday sale. How adorable is this Darling Bow Dress.  I'm loving this mustard Shirt Dress.

Christmas Tree Gift Tags
Meanwhile, I have gotten a few Etsy sales since reopening shopreminiscence a couple weeks ago!  Some of my tags even traveled to Norway!  It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work.  I'm thankful that my hubby is letting me try out this new venture to see where it takes me.  

Merry Christmas Gift Tags
Off to work tomorrow after a nice 5 day vacay.  We went to Seattle for Thanksgiving with my family.  It's been a blast these last few days.  Now back to reality. (said with smile, no for real though)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skip the Big Box Stores this Black Friday

FawningInLove Sterling Silver Winter Wonderland Necklace
Are you the one who usually wakes up at 4:00 in the morning, sluggish and drowsy after a full day with a full tummy?  Waiting in line in the cold to get the best deals of the year for Christmas.  Drinking your favorite holiday flavored Starbucks cup o' joe to keep your fingers from freezing in the cold.  Getting knocked over (if you're short like me) by people pushing and squeesing through the door as if it will get bigger just that instant they try to get through.  It's quite stressful!  Which is why I never do it. :)

Doesn't it sound more festive staying home and putting up your Christmas decorations?  Listening to Christmas music for the first time in 11 months (well, for some of us).  Stoking a fire in the living room and taking peppermint hot cocoa breaks.  Mmm, that's my favorite.

Consider hiding from the big box stampedes and browsing the web in the comfort of your own home.  Shopping for specially handmade and unique gifts.  Working with a friendly and inviting small business is like shopping in someone's home where they welcome you in with a cup of tea.  It's because their little shop is their baby and they treat each customer as if they were their first. 

Etsy is the place to shop this Black Friday weekend!  Take a look at these awesome deals from shops where people are working long hours to make a dream come true.

hodgepodgearts Set of 3 Bone China Snowflake Ornament
MyLittleChick Family Monogram Christmas Ornament
OooohShiney Snow Cluster Earrings

Juliandr Finnish Winter Felted Pompon Mittens

I will be offering FREE ITEMS at my shop for Black Friday weekend.  So make sure you sit down with your favorite holiday drink and stop on in.

Don't forget Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday too!  Happy shopping.



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