Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skip the Big Box Stores this Black Friday

FawningInLove Sterling Silver Winter Wonderland Necklace
Are you the one who usually wakes up at 4:00 in the morning, sluggish and drowsy after a full day with a full tummy?  Waiting in line in the cold to get the best deals of the year for Christmas.  Drinking your favorite holiday flavored Starbucks cup o' joe to keep your fingers from freezing in the cold.  Getting knocked over (if you're short like me) by people pushing and squeesing through the door as if it will get bigger just that instant they try to get through.  It's quite stressful!  Which is why I never do it. :)

Doesn't it sound more festive staying home and putting up your Christmas decorations?  Listening to Christmas music for the first time in 11 months (well, for some of us).  Stoking a fire in the living room and taking peppermint hot cocoa breaks.  Mmm, that's my favorite.

Consider hiding from the big box stampedes and browsing the web in the comfort of your own home.  Shopping for specially handmade and unique gifts.  Working with a friendly and inviting small business is like shopping in someone's home where they welcome you in with a cup of tea.  It's because their little shop is their baby and they treat each customer as if they were their first. 

Etsy is the place to shop this Black Friday weekend!  Take a look at these awesome deals from shops where people are working long hours to make a dream come true.

hodgepodgearts Set of 3 Bone China Snowflake Ornament
MyLittleChick Family Monogram Christmas Ornament
OooohShiney Snow Cluster Earrings

Juliandr Finnish Winter Felted Pompon Mittens

I will be offering FREE ITEMS at my shop for Black Friday weekend.  So make sure you sit down with your favorite holiday drink and stop on in.

Don't forget Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday too!  Happy shopping.



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my necklace and taking the to create such a lovely and helpful entry this holiday shopping season! :]

  2. It's such a lovely necklace Fawning. I'm so happy you enjoyed my post, thank you!



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