Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming in 2012

Picture taken after everyone left, at 2am.
Please excuse the sleepy eyes.

2011 was a big year for us.  You know, with getting married and all.  That means 2012 brings our 1 year anniversary as well as our trip to Paris!!  Not only am I anxious to start a new year; along with it I have some resolutions.  Just like everybody else I hope to overcome a few things, start a few things, get better at a few things, etc. etc. etc.  So here we go.

1}  Evolve my Etsy shop, Reminiscence, into a shop with a wider selection of paper goods and home decor.  {There's a part duex to this but that I'm going to keep to myself for now.  It's sort of - that's a lie - a huge leap and possibly will never happen but I am working on the dream!}  I also want to focus more on my blog and aspire to become one of those awesome bloggers out there like this one {love her}.  I need to work on my awesome photography skills so it can look more like this instead of the one above.  I mean, I love that photo of my hubby and I.  My editing skills just stink.

Ok that was a long one.  Let's move on.

2}  Organize our home so we quit gathering paper clutter from mail, magazines, and must-have documents.  I need a drop zone like this one.

3}  Start a class whether it be ballet, Pilates, belly dancing, something of the like.  I need to get my back and abs in better shape!

Feeling good about these.  All attainable and non of them involve dragging myself to a gym, doing something I hate {heavy workouts and sticking to a diet}.  Because THAT just would not work for me.

Happy New Years to you and yours.


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