Monday, January 2, 2012

Oui, Paris

There has been one thing and one thing only on my mind. Something the hubs and I have been contemplating for quite some time.  Do we do it or do we not?  Sometimes it's hard for me to make decisions instead of just doing.

We are planners {well, I am}.  We are not spontaneous {but we're not boring}.  We do not make quick rash decisions {hmmm, guess that's not true}.  We save our money and try to be thrifty spenders {ha, not anymore!}.

We have decided {probably isn't a secret anymore}...

That for our 1 year anniversary...

We're going to Paris!!!

Hotel de la Sorbonne {notre hôtel}

Get this.  They call their rooms "Design Rooms".  How perfect!

I want to go anywhere and everywhere.  I have never been but my husband has.  I know, not fair right?  So I fully expect him to be my tour guide.  However I have some requests.

I want to visit the tour d'Eiffel {well duh!}, our hotel is by the Notre Dame and I hear there is a wonderful crepes shop right by it.  I want to window shop with the possibility to buy {this is were my thrifty spending will probably go down the drain}.  I want to take le metro to Versailles.  I want to peruse the museums, sit in a cafe and sip vin chaude and espresso while people watching.

It's going to be cold, but that just means more snuggling and bundling up in chic French coats!


The French are so interesting, I am sure of this.  Can't wait!

Wait, is this what les femmes françaises wear?  :)


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  1. Hi Jocelyn! What a lovely (and elegant) way of sharing with the world about your next travel adventure...trés bien! It sounds so wonderful, and romantic, and inviting, and the perfect place for you and Mike to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. When will you be going?
    Have a safe trip and a wonderful time in Paris. We will be waiting to hear all about it when you return. Bon Voyage, ma petite cherie (hope it is correct) :))) Aunt Célia



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