Monday, August 3, 2009

Organizing my Scrapbook Nook Step 1

My scrapbook “nook” has become so unorganized that I get a little frustrated when I start making cards and pages.

The most unorganized part? My paper! I kind of had them organized by color, but I had forgotten most everything I had that I needed to go through it again. My best paper organization system I have right now is from JoAnn’s Fabric and consists of 1 large plastic standing holder with dividers, and 4 small plastic standing holders (no, not very chic I’m afraid).

So I took out all my paper and organized it by solids; pattern paper by color, season & holiday; family & baby; and scraps. My “after” picture isn’t all that interesting so I will be posting those pictures once I have EVERYTHING organized…and who knows when that will be!
My next step is to put coordinating papers together and start stocking up my inventory so I can go buy MORE paper! And one of these days I will have a fabulous, creative paper organizing system. I can't wait!

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